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Denver Breastfeeding Photography

June 22, 2019

Denver Mom Breastfeeds Her Baby During Family Photos

I am so excited to share some beautiful Denver Breastfeeding Photography with all of you today.  This stunning mama is an old friend of mine. I met her years ago in the Denver roller derby scene at the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls.  We’ve shared the magic of seeing what our bodies can do in a sports setting and had a lot of fun doing it too. I am thrilled to see her transform into a beautiful mother and witness what her body can do for her and her son in this next phase of her life.  Motherhood looks so good on her!

Sweet Moments of Motherhood featured with Denver Breastfeeding Photography

We all know there is still a pretty big stigma around mothers feeding their children in public and I am all about tearing down that tired old mindset.  So when she mentioned that she would love to get some breastfeeding portraits created during their family photo session this summer I was 100 percent on board with that.  I may not be a mother myself, but I can imagine that if I was, getting some breastfeeding photos created would be a big priority for me. It’s a special document of a time that is so fleeting and a reminder of the literal connection between a mother and her child.  My mom died recently, so I’m feeling particularly sentimental about all things “motherhood” right now too. These will surely be photos that her family look back on with much fondness years and years from now.

Family Photos and Denver Breastfeeding Photography

When we discussed where to go for these, I mentioned Roxborough State Park because the sceney there is just so incredibly dramatic and beautiful.  And it’s not very far from Denver making it one of the more convenient outdoor photography locations in the Denver Metro area. They decided to bring along their parents and grandparents for the first part of the session too so that they could get some extended family photos.  After we did those at the beginning, they were free to head home while we finished up with their immediate family photos. There was a moment when we worried that the late summer start might backfire due to a no napping situation earlier in the day. But, luckily for us, their little guy pulled through and we were able to get tons of great photos for them!  

Denver Family Photo at Fountain Valley Overlook at Roxborough State Park
Extended Family Photography at Roxborough State Park
Generational Family Photo at Fountain Valley Overlook at Roxborough State Park
Headshots during Family Photos at Roxborough State Park in Colorado
Family walks along the Fountain Valley Trail at Roxborough State Park in Colorado
Sweet Smiling Baby with his Parents during family photos at Roxborough State Park
Denver Breastfeeding Photography along Fountain Valley Trail at Roxborough State Park
Beautiful Denver Breastfeeding Photography in Colorado
Denver Breastfeeding Photography Family Picture at Roxborough State Park in CO
Cute baby at a Family Photography Session in the wildflowers along the Fountain Valley Trail at Roxborough State Park
Pretty Dramatic Couples Portrait at a Denver Family Photography Session at Roxborough State Park
Gorgeous End of the Night Family Photo at Roxborough State Park in Colorado

If you’d like to see more examples from Roxborough please check out THIS LINK and THIS LINK


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