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Same Sex Proposal at Lost Gulch Overlook in Boulder

November 19, 2021

Beautiful Sunrise Wedding Proposal at Lost Gulch Lookout in Boulder 

I have truly been dying to get today’s session on the journal because it was such a sweet moment to witness. James got in touch with me after seeing another Lost Gulch Proposal I had done in the past to see if we could do something like that for his proposal to his partner, Nick.  Of course I was thrilled to get to help plan this with him. Because Lost Gulch is so popular these days, I suggested that we actually meet up at sunrise so we wouldn’t have to deal with crowds. We planned it out that I would have my husband, Geoff, stand in the location that I wanted him to take Nick to and that once Geoff moved out of the spot, they could go take over where he was standing. Then, I’d capture the moment when he got down on one knee. Well, part of the reason why I find proposal sessions to be a teensy bit stressful is that you don’t have much of an opportunity to interject if things aren’t going down quite the way that you planned since you don’t want to ruin the surprise of it all.

James saw where I wanted him to go but the problem was that it’s a little bit scary up at Lost Gulch and you have to be careful about where you walk. Well, that meant that poor Nick was huddling close to the rock edge and refused to join James in the spot we had planned for. Then he started wandering around exploring the scenery a little bit and that’s when I realized I better get a little more mobile myself and started following them around at a distance just in case the moment happened in a completely different spot than what we had planned.  This entire time, Geoff and I are trying not to stare at them and are just playing it cool like we’re also just tourists enjoying the sunrise. Luckily, Nick decided to get cozy in a little nook where I was still able to get them into the frame and not too blocked by the rocks.  James decided to just go for it once he saw me in a good position to capture the moment and crouched down next to Nick and asked him if he wanted to get married. Below you’ll see the photos we were able to get for them on this special day!

Couple cuddles at sunrise before they get engaged at Lost Gulch Overlook in Boulder CO
Same sex wedding proposal with a beautiful mountain backdrop at Lost Gulch in Boulder
Couple gets engaged and then kisses with a beautiful sunrise mountain backdrop at Lost Gulch Lookout in Boulder
Dramatic sunrise proposal photo at Lost Gulch in Colorado
Beautiful sunrise proposal session with a Boulder backdrop from Lost Gulch
Cute couple pose for a portrait in front of a sunrise mountain backdrop in Boulder
Sweet moment of a couple looking out at the beautiful sunrise mountain view at Lost Gulch in Boulder
Gorgeous sunrise proposal photo for a gay couple at Lost Gulch in Boulder

If you’d like to have your proposal capture on camera, you can take a look at this gallery which has some other examples of proposals and engagement sessions I’ve done in the past and get in touch. I’m happy to help create a plan!


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