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Sapphire Point Snowy Winter Family Portraits

January 18, 2022

Family Photos at Sapphire Point During Winter

I have another gorgeous snowy family session to share on the journal today. As I mentioned in my last post, I didn’t get lucky enough to catch nice mountain views for all of the families visiting Colorado over Christmas vacation because the storms were so intense that they completely blocked the views. On the day I was set to meet this family I was pretty sure we were in for another gloomy, no view kind of day. But, I was thrilled to see on our way over to Sapphire Point that we were actually going to get lucky and get some gorgeous blue mountain backdrops for them this time. The only downside was that it was pretty frigid outside and we had some little kids at this session. So I tried really hard to work as fast as possible so that they wouldn’t be too miserable. I would say we were partially successful, but when it’s windy and freezing out, it just doesn’t mix too well with toddlers and such young children. But, luckily we managed to catch all of these gorgeous pictures for them before the kids had enough. I picked out some of my favorites to share below.

Beautiful extended family portrait with huge mountain backdrop behind them at Sapphire Point
Pretty Sapphire Point Family Photo in the snow
Stunning couples portrait in the snow with a beautiful mountain backdrop in Colorado
Teen girl wearing a yellow scarf and white sweater poses with a gorgeous mountain backdrop in Colorado
3 adult siblings pose together in the snow with a pretty mountain backdrop in Summit County Colorado
Couple snuggles in the snow during their winter family portraits in Colorado
Romantic couples portrait in the snow on a cold chilly day in Colorado
Parents with their adult chilren get some snowy winter photos created in Colorado
Beautiful family portrait next to rustic wood fence with a pretty snowy mountain backdrop in Colorado

If you’re looking to get your own cold but beautiful winter portraits created, be sure to check out the FAMILIES page of my site and get in touch!


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