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Snowy Family Photos in a Blizzard Snowstorm in Colorado

January 17, 2022

Cold Blizzard Family Photography in a Colorado Snowstorm

The family photos I’m sharing on the journal today have to be in my top ten coldest and snowiest photoshoots I’ve ever done. We met up on Christmas eve to capture these family photos in the snow for them. We had been having an abnormally dry winter here in Colorado, but some awesome snowstorms came blowing in around Christmas to help make the holiday ski season a little better for everyone. But, the downside of all of these blizzard-like conditions is that it made for a bit of a scary drive for these out of towners and it also obscured the mountain views.  We met up at Sapphire Point which is one of the most popular portrait locations in all of Colorado due to the incredibly easy to get to views. But, as you can see in the photos below, on the day we met up there were no views. I still think these turned out absolutely gorgeous though. Who doesn’t love the look of evergreen trees completely covered in snow? The blizzard style conditions meant we did not last too long, but I was pleasantly surprised by what we were able to get for them in our short time together. Check out some of my favorites below!

Christmas eve family photography session at Sapphire Point in the snow
Winter wonderland couples portrait at Sapphire Point in Colorado
Candid family portrait for a family of 5 with adult children in a snowstorm at Sapphire Point in Colorado
Cute family portrait during a blizzard snowstorm in Colorado
A family of 5 pose in a beautiful winter wonderland setting in the middle of a blizzard style snowstorm in Colorado
Sisters have fun in the snow together at their winter family session at Sapphire Point in Colorado
A mom with her two daughters pose for a portrait together at their winter blizzard snowstorm family photoshoot in Colorado
Beautiful family portrait during a winter snowstorm in Colorado

Are you looking for your own snowy family photos? I can help!  Take a look at the FAMILIES page of my site and reach out.


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