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Shanahan Ridge Spring Family Pictures

May 22, 2022

Springtime Boulder Colorado Family Portraits at Shanahan Ridge and Viele Lake

We just had one heck of a crazy spring storm where we got quite a few inches of snow with some power outages and Front Rangers hastily covering up their gardens in an attempt to protect them from the sudden temperature drops. But, the evening before we got dumped on, I was lucky enough to get to meet this awesome family from Houma, LA. They were in town to visit their family for a graduation and decided to get some updated family photos done with some pretty mountain views in the backdrop. Since their kids are still pretty young we opted not to go to Lost Gulch where there are some pretty steep drop offs and decided to go for Shanahan Ridge Trailhead with a few photos at Viele Lake afterward which is just a few minutes drive away. I’ve noticed signs asking hikers and visitors to Shanahan Ridge to please close the gate behind them so that the cattle don’t wander off but have never actually seen any cows there in the field before. But, that night, there were quite a few just chilling out, mooing and eating the grass. Apparently the open space department works with local ranchers to have the cattle graze in order to help with wildfire mitigation. It was pretty cool to catch some of them off in the backdrop of some of their photos though we definitely made sure to keep our distance and let them do their thing. Below are some of my favorites that we captured that evening.

Cute family of five at Shanahan Ridge Trailhead with cattle grazing in the backdrop
Pretty Colorado Mountain Family Portraits in the Woods of Shanahan Ridge Trailhead
3 kids sit on a cool rock covered with lichen at Shanahan Ridge Trailhead in Boulder CO
Shanahan Ridge Trailhead Family Portraits in Boulder Colorado
A mom with her daughter in front of a pretty flower bush at Shanahan Ridge Trailhead in Boulder
Beautiful forest family photos at Shanahan Ridge Trail in Boulder Colorado
A family of 5 walk along the path at Viele Lake in Boulder Colorado
A family of 5 pose in front of Viele Lake at Sunset during Spring in Boulder CO

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  1. Jan Cancienne says:

    The pictures are gorgeous!!
    You are very talented and this family is pretty awesome! A very close friend is a professional photographer in New Orleans. We took great photos in the late 70’s. His work is and experience is phenomenal. These pictures bring back many memories of a 3 month trip to Colorado.
    Good job, lovely pictures and I love this family so much, thank you for letting them shine. They certainly deserve it. They are a family that will always ne part of my life, I love them so very much
    Jan Cancienne