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Spread the Love with These Personalized Wedding Favors

July 18, 2020

Today’s article is a helpful guide to fun wedding day favors you can incorporate into your wedding written by the folks from Vow to be Chic. Check out their helpful tips below!

Getting married is such a huge life-changing moment in anyone’s life. The amount of love for both the groom and bride shared on that day is incredible. Who wouldn’t want to reciprocate those feelings into your wedding favors to give to your guests? Below we’ve selected some great favor ideas that are sure to spread the love.

Personalized Handmade Wedding Craft Photo CD, $9.20

Who doesn’t love music? Though people don’t always share a favorite genre or band, it’s hard to find a person that doesn’t enjoy listening to music. This is why creating a wedding soundtrack special for your guests is a great way to share and show your guests how much they mean to you. 

You can add any songs. Whether they’re meaningful to you and your partner, whether you include songs you played at your wedding or even songs that show your appreciation for them being there supporting you. Regardless, we’re sure your guests will forever cherish your wedding soundtrack. Even if CDs are going out of style. Above is a perfect case you can buy for the occasion. 

Custom Cigars

Custom Personalized Cigar, prices vary

Cigars are probably one of the most traditional gifts you could give or receive. They speak to tradition and bounding. It’s common for two to bound over a smoke. Something that’s still common but usually considered a luxury. 

This is why gifting them as a wedding favor would be so memorable and special to your guests. Especially if it’s not something that’s considered an everyday occurrence in your family. You can get custom cigars from the website above. 


Engaged ornament Married ornament, $15

If you’re having a wedding in the spring or summer this may not be a fitting choice, though still a great option. However, for those that are having their wedding soon before the holidays, this is a great and useful gift idea. One we’re sure everyone would love. Putting up a Christmas tree and decorating it is considered an American tradition. 

One that’s held close to everyone’s heart. Giving them a favor of an ornament that’s able to help them remember your big day is moving. Every year when they go to decorate their Christmas trees with family they will look at it and be overjoyed. Remembering your big day will leave them filled with love even more so than when they started!

To-Go Snack

Must-Have midnight wedding snack, prices vary

These can be an array of things. You can have different kinds such as “his favorites” or “her favorites” or even a little jar with a tag that reads “thanks for popping by” with popcorn kernels inside. Super cute, simple, and cost-effective favors that everyone is sure to love. Who doesn’t love food or candy? 

Not many people. Especially when it’s you or your partner’s favorite candy. Sharing something simple and easy is a great way to put a smile on your guests’ faces as your big day comes to an end.

Homemade Soap

Mini Wedding Soap Favors, $22.73

If you know someone that doesn’t use soap, we are sorry. This is why this gift works for literally anyone and everyone! Whether you choose to make a body soap or hand soap, both are great options. The time and effort it takes to make something such as homemade soap is unbelievable, especially if you have a large attendance at your wedding. This is a great way to put your love and time into a gift that they can use and enjoy. 

Who wouldn’t love that? You could also order handmade soaps off of Etsy and give them as party favors. You may not be making them by hand, but the thoughtfulness is still shown in the gift favor.

Perfect Coffee Blend

Wedding Coffee Flavors, $2.75 per bag

If your families live and breathe coffee, this is the favor for you! While it may seem silly, gifting a homemade bag of a coffee blend that you and your partner love is the simplest way to bring a huge smile to those coffee lovers’ faces. Sharing food and drinks is typically considering loving and so in doing this that will shine through. 

Sharing your favorites or a part of you two as a couple to your guests is so meaningful to them. Getting to enjoy something as simple as your guy’s favorite coffee blend would make any guest smile.

Giving your guests thoughtful and meaningful wedding favors are so important. Making them feel as though they have made your day just by joining you in celebration is huge. And you can achieve this with the best gift favor you could possibly think of. We hope the list above helped you in that process! Taking the time to think of the best favor as well as what would be meaningful to all involved will make the world of difference to them. Showing your love on your big day is what it’s all about.


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