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Colorado Mountain Maternity Photos | Dumont Lake, Steamboat Springs

July 28, 2015

Steamboat Springs Maternity Photography at Dumont Lake

I have the prettiest Steamboat Springs maternity photography to share on the journal today. Emily and Shawn are about to be first time parents and wanted to get some photos created to mark this memorable time in their lives. Steamboat Springs is a special place for them that they really love to visit (Who doesn’t? Steamboat is incredible!) so we met up out there in the mountains of Steamboat Springs for their maternity photoshoot. There are about a bazillion awesome locations throughout Steamboat we could go to, but Emily’s friend mentioned that the wildflowers up near Dumont Lake were looking really pretty so that’s where we decided to go.

Pregnancy Photos with the Summer Wildflowers in Steamboat Springs

The entire hillside surrounding the lake was covered in all kinds of lovely wildflowers of all different colors. We walked around the lake and made sure to include their adorable mini Australian Shepherd dog, Winston, in some of the pictures. What a smart little cookie he is. He was so good at posing for pictures and would look right over at me for them. He’s going to be a great furry big brother to their little girl. Eventually, the mosquitoes were really making our lives miserable so we decided to head out. But, on our way out from the lake I noticed how pretty everything looked from the road and we decided to make a couple last pictures with Rabbit Ears in the background before the darn mosquitoes started to swarm us again. Still, we really did come away with some gorgeous pictures despite those pesky little bloodsuckers ruining the fun. Check out all of my favorites from their Steamboat Springs maternity photography session below!

Beautiful sky silhouette Steamboat Springs Maternity Photography
Steamboat Springs Maternity Photography in the summer wildflowers at Dumont Lake
Really cute Steamboat Springs Maternity Photography with pretty purple and yellow wildflowers
Steamboat Springs Maternity Photography with Rabbit Ears in the Backdrop
Cute Australian Shepherd dog at his parent's pregnancy photography session in Steamboat
Pregnancy Photos in the wildflowers of Steamboat Springs

If you’d like to see a whole gallery full of my favorite maternity photos check out the MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY on my site!


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