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Vail Valley Colorado Family Photography | Eagle River Preserve in Edwards

July 25, 2017

Vail Family Photography in Colorado

I have such a beautiful Vail family photography session to share with the world today. I drove out to the Vail Valley and photographed this family last week and I have to say they were so much fun to work with! There was lots of laughing and good attitudes about going along with all of my silly games. We decided to go to the Eagle River Nature Preserve which I have not been to before and it was perfect. There were so many beautiful native plants with lots of nice walking paths and nature to use. There was even a really pretty (tiny) pond. And of course, access to the Eagle River for some pretty photos with it in the backdrop.

Vail Family Pictures at Eagle River Nature Preserve

This family has been visiting the same home in Edwards, Colorado for the past 7 years for family vacations. I truly love the idea of families who are spread out all over the country coming together for a little rest and relaxation as well as some family bonding time. There is just something really great about spending a week or two together away from the worries of everyday life and reconnecting and getting to know each other again. I remember doing this as a kid at my grandparent’s house with my cousins when I was younger and there is nothing like having built in friends who just happen to be your family too. This place in Edwards has become a little bit like a second home to all of them and since it was just down the street a little ways from the Eagle River Preserve we decided to end the session back at the vacation home. There was a pretty little Aspen tree area in the backyard and we went down by the river at their place for some end of the evening pictures too. What a fun and happy clan, they truly made my job so easy!

Cute family pictures for Vail Family Photography at Eagle River Nature Preserve
Cute sibling photo next to Eagle River in Vail
Cute couples photo at a Vail Family Photography session in Colorado
Extended family pictures at Eagle River Nature Preserve Vail Family Photography
Vail Family Photography at the Eagle River Nature Preserve in Colorado
Cute Vail Family Photos two sisters next to Eagle River in Colorado
Vail Family Photography at Eagle River Nature Preserve

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