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Colorado Mountain Family Portraits | White Ranch Park in Golden

December 13, 2017

White Ranch Park Family Photos

I have some really cute White Ranch Park family photos from Golden Colorado to share with the world today. ‘Tis the Season for reconnecting with family and spending quality time together. That’s just what we did at this family photography session with this sweet baby girl and her mommy and daddy and her grandparents. They opted to do the session at Grandma and Grandpa’s house since they live where there are stunning mountain views near White Ranch Park up in the foothills of Golden, Colorado. When I arrived, I did a walk around their property to see what would look nice for their photos. I loved their beautiful mountain views but we had to wait for the sun to dip down a little lower for it to translate nicely on camera. We opted to use the plentiful pretty fir tree backdrops while we waited for the sun to light the mountain backdrop evenly at sunset.

At Home Family Photography Session in Golden Colorado

We worked our booties off trying to get a smile out of this little baby girl. We jangled car keys, made ridiculous noises and flapped our arms around trying to get her attention. And we even played La Bamba over the speakers and I tried to sing The Wheels on the Bus despite my terrible singing voice. She definitely gave us some good ones to work with as you can see below. But, my favorite has to be that hilarious look on her face when I asked her mom and dad to give each other a quick smooch while they hugged her. I can almost hear her thinking “You’ve got to be kidding me!” when I look at that photo.

I love that photography sessions with families are changing and it’s no longer just sitting there grinning at the camera the entire time. Now we play games together and ask silly questions all to get some natural smiles out of everyone. I don’t even make everyone look at the camera for every single shot anymore. I think it makes for a much more dynamic experience and is actually pretty fun. Check out the adorable family photos we were able to get during this incredibly nice December weather!

White Ranch Park Family Photos in Golden Colorado at Sunset
White Ranch Park Family Photos with pretty mountain views at sunset
Beautiful mountain views from a White Ranch Park Family Photos done at a home near the park in Golden

Be sure to take a look at the FAMILIES page of my site to find more information about getting your own family pictures at White Ranch Park in Golden!


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