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Colorado Proposal Photography | Sunset at Lost Gulch Overlook in Boulder

August 28, 2018

Boulder Proposal Photos at Lost Gulch Overlook

I am super excited to share these adorable Boulder proposal photos on the journal today! Greg contacted me about checking into getting some photos taken of his proposal to his girlfriend Meredith. They are moving to the Boulder area soon from Florida for a new job opportunity and they were planning to be in town to search for a place to live.

He thought it would be cool to do it at Lost Gulch Overlook which has gorgeous mountain views as well as views of Boulder when looking out east. I love proposals although I find them to be a little more stressful than your average session due to all of the planning and not being able to change anything once it starts happening but that’s all part of what makes them fun to photograph too. The fact that they are exciting and unpredictable and require lots of thought and planning for them to go off without a hitch is definitely part of what makes the photos captured during a proposal so special. Being able to capture someone’s expression during such a wonderful surprise is the best feeling!

Surprise Proposal Pictures on Flagstaff Mountain

We chatted on the phone about my idea for how we could make this happen at Lost Gulch Overlook. That place is pretty incredible for mountain views, but it has also grown very popular so we needed to be pretty strategic in how we planned for it so that they would have a nice wide open view for the big moment. I’m glad we prepared ourselves so well because there were a lot of people there on the day we photographed this surprise proposal. I’m happy to report that our planning worked out and we were able to capture the proposal and Meredith’s surprised and happy look on her face as it happened. The crowd of people there even cheered them on!

After the proposal (she said yes by the way!) we spent a little bit of time gingerly climbing around on the rocks taking some portraits for them to help them remember what a special day it was for them. Here’s to new beginnings for them both in their relationship and their new home. I hope Colorado treats them well!


Man proposes to his girlfriend at sunset at Lost Gulch overlook in Boulder CO

Sweet moment as a surprise proposal happens at Lost Gulch Overlook in Boulder CO

Man proposes to girlfriend with mountain backdrop at sunset Lost Gulch overlook in Boulder

Happy girl says yes to a proposal at Lost Gulch Overlook in Boulder Colorado

Man puts a ring on his girlfriend's finger during proposal at Lost Gulch overlook

Happy moment for a couple who just got engaged at a Surprise Proposal at Lost Gulch Overlook

Portraits after a surprise proposal at Lost Gulch overlook in Boulder Colorado

Nice portrait during a surprise proposal session in Boulder CO

Hazy day proposal photography at Lost Gulch Overlook in Boulder CO

Pretty rugged proposal photos at Lost Gulch Overlook in Boulder

Beautiful sunset sky during a proposal session at Lost Gulch Overlook in CO

Pretty pastel sky overlooking city of Boulder at Lost Gulch Overlook Proposal Session

Sweet portrait of a recently engaged couple at their surprise proposal

Sunset at Lost Gulch Overlook in Boulder Colorado

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I have a whole gallery of engagement and proposal photos in the ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY.

If you like what you see, get in touch with me. I’d love to help you get your Boulder proposal photos captured!


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