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Family Glamping Photos at Vail Collective Retreat Campground near Wolcott Colorado

August 22, 2018

Colorado Family Glamping Photos at Collective Vail Retreat

I am so excited to share these adorable Colorado family glamping photos on the journal today!  I had such a huge smile on my face the whole time I was working on the pictures from this family session. These young siblings reminded me of how much fun I used to have as a kid with my brothers and sisters! It was especially great playing together when we were on a road trip somewhere here in Colorado! So it was just a delight for me to get the opportunity to photograph this family while they were on their own road trip all the way from Missouri.

Luxury Camping Family Photography at the 4 Eagle Ranch

I believe this was their first camping experience too so I’m glad we were able to catch them enjoying the great outdoors where they were staying at the Collective Vail Retreat at 4 Eagle Ranch which is in Wolcott. The Vail Collective has these large white canvas tents on top of a hill with mountain views for miles and it looked like a pretty great first experience with camping (No hassle of rushing to set up your tent which always seems to be missing more stakes than you remembered last time as the sun is setting because you didn’t realize how long it would take you to get there…oh wait, maybe that’s just me? haha) In any case, this is an awesome luxury camping experience to try if you’re new to camping or if you just want to live it up a little!

Boho style family photos in Vail Colorado

Collective Vail take care of the grilling too so no need to worry about packing the cooler. I don’t know about the other campers out there but I feel like attempting to cook while camping is always such a huge production. And the best thing about this luxury Vail campground? They have real toilets for a true “glamping” experience! There was a lot of energy on this evening when we were photographing so I mixed in a little more of a photojournalistic and lifestyle feel for some of the photos in addition to my normal posed pictures to keep it fun for them. It was truly a beautiful setting for a beautiful family making it hard for me to narrow down the images to share here on the journal. Below are just some of my favorites!


Beautiful family photos on a Glamping camping trip at Vail Collective

A sweet picture of a mom with her daughter in the Colorado mountains

Adorable little girl at Vail Collective Retreat in Wolcott Colorado

Sibling Portrait with mountain backdrop in Colorado

Siblings have fun under wide open blue sky of Colorado

Lifestyle Family photos in Colorado

Beautiful couple photographed together at Vail Collective Retreat in Colorado

B&W portrait of a little girl in the Colorado mountains

Pretty sunset light on a young girl at her family photography session in Vail

Sweet quiet moment at a family photography session at Vail Collective Retreat

Happy young boy during family photos in Vail Colorado

Dance off party with siblings in Colorado

Happy siblings together during family pictures in Colorado

Beautiful Colorado Family Photography

Family next to their canvas glamping tent

Colorado family photography  at Vail Collective Retreat

Be sure to take a look at the FAMILIES page of my site and get in touch to plan your own unique family photos in Colorado!


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