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Colorado At Home Couples Photography Session at Artist Studio in Commerce City

September 18, 2018

Arna & Ravi have been friends of Geoff and I for quite awhile now. Geoff has actually been friends with Ravi since they were high schoolers down in Littleton. I remember when I first met Geoff, Ravi was actually one of the first friends of his that I met when we stopped by a dinner get-together in Baker. Ravi and Arna are both incredible artists who met in the course of these pursuits. I was really honored that Arna asked me if I could photograph the two of them together. I’m not gonna lie, I’m such a big fan of their art that this shoot was a little intimidating for me to do. It turned out to be a natural session from the start though. I feel like their personalities shined through.

I also thought it might be fun to mix it up a little bit on the journal and asked if Geoff wanted to write up a little something for them. Here’s his contribution:

Ahem. I finally get invited to regale April’s photography blog with my loquacious musings. At long last. And also finally get to use the word “ahem”. Also at long last. These are two of my best friends and so just wanted to say that it was fun to get a chance to hang out for a couple hours with no distractions and get them on camera with a pro. When you know people really well it is especially satisfying to see expressions get caught that you know instantly and remind you of good times. These pics are cool too because it’s a snapshot in time of their lovely domain. When you step foot inside their house you are flung into a 24/7 art factory that is chugging along at a frenetic pace. It is a non-stop adventure worth checking out everytime they put up a new gallery of work there. So for these pictures it was also nice to step outside into the greenery and stop and smell the ducks, as they say. It makes me smile a lot looking through these shots; good photos always capture a bunch of those abstract parts of your friends’ personalities that you like so much they’ve wormed their way into your own personality.
Which is why I’m glad April did this session instead of me with my flip-phone and a flashlight. Because, as they say, the picture bird catches a thousand worms.

If you want to check out their kick ass art check out their websites below:
Ravi Zupa: The Artwork of Ravi Zupa
Arna Miller: Arna Miller Illustration

Couples Photo at their backyard garden at home in Commerce City Colorado

A sweet photo of a couple hanging out together in the backyard at home in Colorado

Golden Tree backdrop at Sunset at home Couples Portrait

Lifestyle couples photos feeding pet ducks at an artist studio home in Commerce City

A laughing couple during their couples portrait session in Colorado

Classic couples portrait at private home artist studio in Commerce City Colorado

Couple hanging out in their backyard garden at their home in Colorado

A laughing couple at home during summer

This was one of the first photos we took and their natural laughs make it my favorite!


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