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Colorado Family Adoption Photography at Weld County Court in Greeley

July 14, 2018

Colorado Family Adoption Photography

I have the sweetest Colorado family adoption photography story to share on the journal today. I love this family featured on the blog today so much!  I photographed Kayci and Jonathan’s wedding at the gorgeous Tapestry House a few years ago.  Oh wait, I just double checked and that was actually already 5 years ago now! In that time, their sweet little family (they have two little doggies at home) has grown by one big personality wrapped up in the body of a spunky little boy.  They have brought Silas into their home and loved him and taken care of him and I’m happy to report that just a couple of weeks ago, their adoption was finalized making his addition to their family “official” according to the state of Colorado.  

Colorado Adoption Pictures at Greeley Courthouse

I was so honored be asked to come up and photograph this incredibly momentous day in their family’s life. He is so young but it almost seemed like Silas could tell what a big day it was and had so much infectious energy throughout the proceedings.  We were all cracking up when the judge insisted that mom and dad raise their right hand for their oaths and he was pulling Kayci’s arm down. You can just see how patient and loving they are when they are with him. After the proceedings and the adoption was finalized we took a few family photos inside the courthouse to stay out of the heat for a little bit.  Also, the Weld County Court is absolutely beautiful! Once we realized they were trying to lock up, we took the hint and went outside for a few more in the colorful alleyway in downtown Greeley. I know that Kayci and Jonathan are going to be the best parents anyone could ask for and I’m so happy that they were brought together as a family. I see lots of happy times ahead for them and I wish them all the best for the future!

Family waiting for Adoption Proceedings at Weld County Court in Greeley Colorado Family Court Adoption Photography at Weld County Court in Greeley CO Official Adoption Photography in Colorado Courthouse in Greeley Little boy plays with toys after his official adoption in Colorado Family and friends surround the new family on adoption day at Weld County Court Sweet little boys play in the court room at an adoption proceeding in Greeley Adoption Advocates at Greeley Court House for an Adoption in Colorado Family and friends gather in support of an adoption at Weld County Court in Greeley Colorado Beautiful family portrait inside the Weld County Court in Greeley Colorado Family portrait at an adoption at Weld County Court in Greeley Colorado B&W Family Photography inside the Weld County Court after an adoption in Colorado Sweet young boy on his adoption day with a fun family tshirt in Greeley Colorado Happy family portrait in a colorful alleyway in Downtown Greeley after an adoption at Weld County Court A happy family all together on adoption day at Weld County Court in Colorado

Be sure to take a look at the FAMILIES area of my site to find out more information about getting your own Colorado family adoption photographed!


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