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Colorado In Home Family Photography | Backyard Family Photos in Louisville

September 12, 2018

There is a special someone featured on my journal today who is a bit of a throwback for me. Her name is Taryn and she’s been teaching high school up in Louisville forever but I first met her back during my early college days. She used to work at a place in Boulder called Wherehouse Music with one of my best friends, Susan. As you would expect the two of them bonded over music and there were lots of shows that we’d all attend together and I always thought that Taryn was one of the sweetest people in our whole extended friend group. As often happens when you grow older and change jobs/locations etc…we all kind of fell out of contact. But, she recently got in touch with me on facebook about photographing her family at their home in Louisville earlier in August.

This is a special time for them because her step-daughter would be moving out of the home to head off for her first year of college. They wanted to see if they could squeeze in some last minute family photos of all of them together before their daughter moved on to officially start her adult life outside of the family home. It was pretty great to get to see her with her new husband (new to me anyway, haha) and to see what a special bond she has with her step-kids. It makes perfect sense to me and she and her husband, Scott, met at the school’s music club where they eventually fell in love! And, cherry on top, they have the most adorable doggie who is a little anxious about leaving the house so we decided to do the pictures at their house instead of doing them on location somewhere.

It ended up being a great session with all of them in their element, laughing and snuggling in the safe space of their home and their backyard. I know they are going to miss having their daughter around the house on a day to day basis, but it’s hard not to be super excited for her to go off to have new adventures. Afterall, we were roughly around her age when we were hanging out and so we know what a fun time college can be.
Taryn, I hope you love these!

Couple poses at their home with their sweet dog in Louisville Colorado

A young boy with his sweet lovebug dog at home

Family portrait in the backyard at home in Louisville Colorado

Colorado photographer yellow lab dog with his family in the backyard in Louisville

Sibling photo in the backyard of family home

Nice portrait of a girl at home in the backyard in Louisville Colorado

Stepmom with his stepkids during family photos at home in Colorado

Dad with his son at their family home portrait session in Colorado

Dad and his daughter before she goes off to college family photos in CO

An adorable couple getting family pictures in their backyard at home

A sweet photo of a family cuddling with their dog at home in Colorado

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