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Lesbian Wedding Photography | Rustic Conifer Colorado Mountain Meadow

November 10, 2015

Colorado Lesbian Wedding in a Mountain Meadow

I have such a special Colorado Lesbian Wedding to share on the journal today. Have you ever met any friends as an adult and you thought, “Man, I really like these guys. I wish we had met sooner!” It’s pretty rare to meet special people like that once you are grown up but it’s really how I feel about these two. Of course we met through playing roller derby together because that’s pretty much how I meet everyone these days. I suppose it’s not fair to compare friendships made through skating derby to other kinds of friendships you create throughout life because it’s such an intimate and unique kind of scenario in which you get to interact. You see each other multiple times a week at practice and it’s feels like you are constantly going into battle together when it comes game time. So you get this pretty awesome sense of having each other’s backs.

Colorado Lesbian Hippie Brides at Autumn Wedding

These two lovely ladies moved out to Colorado from Chicago a few years ago now. I liked their weird hippie personalities right away. They’re both super smart and funny too. Meghan who I call Gaygan or Gayg studies soil and is always texting the team about her cat’s asshole or how to compost her poop. Yes, she and Emily (or Sweet Mary Pain aka Sweets) live in a tiny house with 3 cats and they have figured out living off the grid which is pretty cool. I greatly enjoyed it when they parked their tiny house in my backyard this summer and we got to have nightcap recaps all the time. But, like I mentioned before they are pretty smart ladies and Sweets is studying to be a doctor. Her medical journey has taken them to Fort Collins for the time being but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they come back to Denver and live at my place in their tiny house again.

Rustic Wedding for Same Sex Brides in the Mountains of Colorado

These two are people that you want to be around. That much was obvious at their wedding. They had friends and family fly in from all over to celebrate with them and their best friends helped them plan their wedding too. The venue where they got married is on land that belongs to the family so you know their relatives love them so much to put forth the effort into hosting their wedding there. These two have gone through a lot of heartache together. Been through some incredibly sobering losses with the death of Meghan’s mother and Emily’s father but they’ve also shared some pretty beautiful moments in this life together too. They’ve bicycled through the countryside in Europe and hiked about a zillion mountain trails together. (Ask me about the time I tried to keep up with them on an 8 mile hike in RMNP and ended up with blistered feet) This wedding celebration was just one stop in what I’m sure will be a lifetime of happy moments for these two lovable and special ladies.

Rocky mountain representative Fiona Grapple gave a few kind words.

And of course, their original roller derby league friends from the Chicago Outfit chimed in too.

Colorado Lesbian Wedding Shoes together
Romantic picture from a fall Colorado Lesbian Wedding

I couldn’t resist posting this series of photos because it so perfectly sums up Meghan’s personality. This is her interrupting her mother in law’s wedding toast!

Cute stylish same sex brides at their Colorado Lesbian Wedding
Colorado Lesbian Wedding with two hippie brides
Romantic photo of two brides at their Colorado Lesbian Wedding next to a mountain stream
Colorado Lesbian Wedding in a pretty mountain meadow during fall
Colorado Lesbian Wedding during fall color season in a mountain meadow
Wedding speeches at a Colorado Lesbian Wedding

We had to get a photo of these two in their element. Studying!

Cute photo of two brides on their laptops before their Colorado Lesbian Wedding
Adorable photo of bride walking down aisle with her dad at her Colorado Lesbian Wedding
Two cute brides at their Colorado Lesbian Wedding during Autumn in a mountain meadow
Colorado Lesbian Wedding at sunset during fall

Too hard to pick a favorite for these two, but this one is up there!

Cute picture of two brides cuddling at their Colorado Lesbian Wedding

Dat ass!

Fall Color Colorado Lesbian Wedding with Hippie Brides
Colorado Lesbian Wedding in a fall color mountain meadow

Gayg’s so tender!

Sweet moment of bride crying during her Colorado Lesbian Wedding ceremony

That gorgeous rock formation in the background is called Cathedral Spires and it really special to these two because that’s where they spread Emily’s dad’s ashes.

Gorgeous portrait of two brides at their Colorado Lesbian Wedding
Lesbian bride cuts tag off her clothing using a pocket knife at her Colorado Lesbian Wedding
Lesbian Hippie Bride drives her dad into her Colorado Lesbian Wedding on an ATV
Wedding clothes hang at a cute Colorado Lesbian Wedding

Sweets and Gayg, you two are the best. I hope you love your wedding pictures!

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If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, I’d love to talk with you! Be sure to check out the WEDDINGS page of my site and get in touch!


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  1. Menace says:

    These photos are amazing! Congratulations to both of you, Sweets and Gaygan. I’m so happy for you both, and am blessed to know you. <3 Menace