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Colorado Fall Family Photography | Highlands Ranch Mansion

November 17, 2015

Highlands Ranch Family Photos during Autumn

I have some really cute Highlands Ranch family photos to share on the journal today. The family featured on the journal this afternoon were smart and scheduled their photo session to take place while the weather was still warm and the beautiful fall foliage was going strong. I’m looking out my office window and lamenting the fact that I kept putting off doing a holiday photo with my husband and the kitties. The snow is covering our yard and most of the pretty yellow leaves have blown away now. So I have just a teeny bit of a jealousy issue going on as I work on this lovely family’s photos. I think this is what they call “photographer problems” or a little case of the ol’ “Cobblers kids have no shoes” type of thing.

Fall Color Family Photos in the South Denver Metro Area

This Highlands Ranch family was actually heading out to enjoy the Broncos vs. Packers game that later that day so we needed to schedule the session for mid-day. I suggested that we meet up at the Highlands Ranch Mansion just in case it ended up being one of our typically bright Colorado sunny days. That way we could make use of some of the covered spaces that they have there. But we got lucky with some nice thin cloud cover which allowed us to use more of the colorful foliage throughout the grounds. The gardens and grassy areas were still looking lovely when we were there and they were great sports letting me move them around from place to place. Since only one of their grown children still live in the same city with them this was a nice opportunity to get some updated pictures while they were all together.

I like the cuddly feel of this one with all of that pretty color in the backdrop!

Highlands Ranch family photos with fall color backdrop
Highlands Ranch family photos at the Highlands Ranch Mansion
Highlands Ranch family photos at the Highlands Ranch Mansion

Be sure to check out the FAMILIES page of my website to get more information about family pictures in Highlands Ranch!


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