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Colorado Mountain Wedding | Rustic Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park

October 19, 2017

I had the pleasure of photographing many of my roller derby friends during the month of September. Today on the blog I have the wedding of Meagan and Daniel who have to be one of the cutest, most in love couples I’ve ever photographed! I knew Meagan before she met Daniel and you can just see what a positive and happy force he is in her life. It’s a sad little fact that there have been a decent amount of women in the league whose partners are not supportive of their roller derby hobby. Meagan is lucky in that Daniel not only supports her, but he is her biggest fan. And the feeling is mutual. I have seen her posting about getting into new hobbies (like going hunting or car racing) that Daniel enjoys as well.

I really enjoyed photographing the two of them on their wedding day. They got married at the Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park up in the mountains of Colorado. It’s a very unique and rustic place for a wedding with gorgeous stained glass windows and string lights hanging throughout the barn. The barn is actually an amalgamation of multiple historic old buildings made up of different barns, a church, and even an old resort. It sits right next door to a private animal ranch with buffalo out grazing in the mountain backdrop. The buffalo were kind enough to be grazing next to the lake in front of the mountain backdrop we chose for family portraits and got to be included in some of the pictures. I love how they add a rustic and wild feel of the Pioneering old west to this place. These two had quite a lot of guests at their wedding and it was a super fun and cozy party. They danced on the old wood floors under the pretty string lights and they looked like they were having the time of their life. Check out their story in the pictures below!

Meagan didn’t think her sister would be able to make her wedding day, but she surprised her on the big day!

One of my favorites!

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