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Colorado Springs Headshot Photography | Business Branding Photos at Garden of the Gods

March 19, 2018

Colorado Springs Headshot Photography

I have a beautiful winter time Colorado Springs headshot photography session to share on the journal today. I absolutely LOVE photographing headshots for people who need some awesome photos to show off their personality through a picture. Getting a high quality headshot or beautiful business branding images that you can use on your social media, your website, and any other place where you will be showing off your business online is one of the best ways to put your best foot forward right from the beginning of a new client relationship. I mean, I can’t be the only one who thinks to herself, “Man does this person even care about anything?!” when I see amateur looking photos plastered all over a professional website can I? I know, I’m probably a little more picky as a photo connoisseur who does this for a living but I know that real every day people can see the difference between a professional photo and one that just has an instagram filter slapped on it from your cell phone and depending on the vibe you are trying to portray your photo will say a lot about you before you even open your mouth.

Downtown Colorado Springs Headshot Portraits

This is why I was so excited that Renee got in touch with me about updating her professional business photos. I did her daughter’s senior photos last spring and she decided it was time to get some updated pictures of herself that she could use on her small business website as a therapist. She is based down in Colorado Springs so we wanted to do a beautiful natural area and Garden of the Gods is the obvious choice for that. It’s incredibly recognizable so when clients see her in that scenery they will know right away that she’s a local in Colorado Springs. We also thought it would be great to change up the scenery and get some urban photos with city lights in the backdrop. She is a super sweet person and very calming to be around so I can just imagine how great she must be at her job as a therapist. I think these photos definitely show her in that light and the public is sure to see what a warm, inviting person she is!

Cute natural Colorado Springs headshot photos
Pretty Natural Colorado Springs Headshot Photography
Colorado Springs Headshot Photography with pretty light at Garden of the Gods
Stunning winter Colorado Springs Headshot Portraits at Garden of the Gods
Colorado Springs Headshot Photography at Night in Downtown Colorado Springs
Gorgeous Garden of the Gods Headshot Photos in Colorado Springs

Saved my favorite one for last!

Colorado Springs Headshot Photography at Garden of the Gods on a Sunny Day During Winter

Check out the HEADSHOTS area of my website to find out more information about getting your own professional headshot photos created!


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