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Colorful Denver Headshot Photography Centennial Gardens

November 6, 2019

Colorful Denver Headshot Photography Centennial Gardens During Fall

I’m thrilled to share this beautiful lady’s colorful Denver headshot photography session on the journal today.  I don’t meet nearly as many people who grew up here in Denver as I once used to so it was fun to talk with a fellow longtime Denverite during her headshot photography session.  The plan was to create portraits for her that were a little less “Business” like and utilize more of a model feel with some environmental portraiture which I absolutely LOVE to do.  And since she grew up here in Denver it’s a special place for her and she was specifically looking forward to photographing somewhere that might have a city skyline we could use in the background.  I had just the place for her over on the west side of town looking east.

First though, she was thinking it might be nice to get a little plant life or greenery into her pictures prior to ending with the perfect light at sunset with the city skyline view.  I’ve had Centennial Gardens on my radar for awhile but just never had the opportunity to check it out before. It’s located right between an Elitches parking lot and the South Platte River making it a very convenient meet up point for us to catch the plant life and then see if there were any other good looking areas by the confluence of South Platte and Cherry Creek.  

Windy Environmental Headshot Photos in Denver

There is an old, over-used joke that everyone in the country likes to use to describe the weather in their neck of the woods and it goes like this:  “Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes.” An oft-repeated expression that has turned into a generic trope by now perfectly sums up what happened at this session, but in reverse.  We were LOVING the weather and were laughing about how perfectly we timed it since there was supposed to be a snowstorm blowing in later that night. Seriously, we were being very congratulatory of ourselves about our timing. If this had been a movie, people would criticize it by saying “Foreshadow much, ladies?”   We were about to wrap it up at Centennial Gardens and catch a couple photos over by the river when the wind just started going crazy on us!  And not just a cute little breeze that blows your hair beautifully in the perfect direction. I’m talking, top of a mountain, no protection, WINTER IS COMING kind of wind.  All of that gross South Platte River dirt was flying into our mouths and faces! This is the type of wind that photographers (and probably retouchers) have nightmares about.   

Denver Headshots with Sunset City Skyline at Speer Boulevard

But you guys, look at her!  She had her hair and make up done and she looked stunning!  I couldn’t bring myself to call it when we hadn’t even gotten to the skyline view which was the whole point of the session.  I had it in my plans to create some colorful Denver headshot photos for her in front of that darn skyline so we pushed through for a little bit longer crossing our fingers that the wind might calm down enough for us to get through the rest of the session.  Spoiler alert, that didn’t really happen. We decided we were done by the river and figured we might as well just see if we would be able to get anything with the skyline. I’m happy to report that I am super glad we didn’t call it because even with the wind I am in love with the pretty skyline photos we got at sunset for her.  We didn’t get quite as many as I’d been hoping for since I was busy picking up my light stand and light off the ground after it kept getting blown over every 10 seconds. Apparently 10 lb sandbags + my camera bag just isn’t enough when a winter storm is getting started. But I think knowing the conditions we were working with, that these aren’t half bad!  Mad props to this redheaded beauty for keeping up that lovely smile of hers through less than ideal conditions. What a pro! Below I’ve selected some of my absolute favorites to share. If you made it this far, thanks for reading a tale from an on-location photographer!

Bright Bold Colorful Female Headshot Portrait with autumn tree backdrop at Centennial Park in Denver
Throwback to that time when we were feeling pretty cocky about our choice of date and time, haha!
Redhead Business Style Outdoor Headshot with city backdrop at Centennial Gardens in Denver
A woman with red hair poses for a headshot photo in front of russian sage plant at Centennial Gardens in Colorado
A woman holding her white heels in her hand poses on the rocks next to South Platte River with the Speer Bridge in the backdrop in Denver
A pretty red headed woman with feather grass backdrop at Centennial Gardens in Denver Colorado
Colorful Denver Headshot Photography During Autumn at Centennial Gardens
Cute photo of a red headed woman holding her hair as it blows in the wind with Denver city backdrop in downtown Denver Colorado
You can see the crazy wind in this one but it looks cute here:)
A beautiful red head woman wearing a long flowing sleeveless green dress photographed at dusk in front of Denver city skyline
B&W Headshot Portrait with Denver City Skyline Backdrop at Dusk
A close up detail of a woman with red hair holding a rosary in front of Denver city skyline at sunset
I love when clients bring their own items that are important and special to them!
Bright and Colorful Denver Headshot Photography with Skyline Backdrop at Sunset

If you are curious about booking your own colorful Denver headshot photography session please visit the HEADSHOTS area of my website!


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