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Cute Family Photos with 3 year old Girl in Evergreen Colorado

October 1, 2020

Fall Color Family Portraits for Family of Three in Colorado

I cannot get over how lucky I was to photograph the world’s happiest 3 year old girl this past weekend up at my favorite fall color location.  Arya is their super sweet blonde girl and she came with 2 adorable dresses to wear at her family’s photography session.  She started off in her white dress and we got a ton of photos where she was giving me such a great smile.  I kept telling her parents how lucky I felt because normally I have to work very hard to get a handful of smiles and she was just giving them to me with no effort at all!  She is such a sweet child and a complete joy to photograph!  Her mama thought ahead and also brought her Halloween costume to change into.  That’s when we ran into a little bit of trouble with getting some smiles out of her, but only because the weather was so chilly that evening.  She wasn’t thrilled at having to do an outfit change in the crisp fall air.  But, look how cute her costume is!  I loved that we were able to get her wearing it in front of the cool rustic wood tipi structure.  Check out my favorites below.  Tell me your heart doesn’t just melt at her charming little smile!  

Gorgeous family photo for a family of three with their small 3 year old girl in a white dress in the fall color of Colorado
A cute little girl with blonde hair wearing a white dress holds hands with her parents at their outdoor fall color family session
Cute girl laughs big as she poses for a portrait with her pretty mom with red hair in the fall color of Colorado
Sweet Happy Toddler Poses for Photo with her Daddy at their outdoor fall color family portrait session in Colorado
A portrait of mom and dad alone with pretty aspen tree backdrop at their family portrait session in Colorado
Sweet 3 year old girl wearing her cute Halloween costume in the woods of Colorado
A sweet family photo for a family of 3 with golden aspen tree backdrop during fall
A 3 year old girl smiles big as her parents hold her in the pretty aspen tree woods of Colorado during fall color season

If you are searching for a family photographer to photograph you in the fall color, please take a look at the FAMILIES page of my site and get in touch.  I still have a handful of dates left!


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