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Five Points Mural Art Senior Photos in Denver

October 1, 2020

Artistic Senior Photos with Mural Art in the Historic Five Points Neighborhood of Denver

Last summer I photographed a senior who I had photographed way back when she was a little girl in preschool and I realized that my business has now been around long enough that this was going to start to happen more.  I am still coming to terms with the aging process, ha.  This year I have another senior gal who came back to me all of these years later.  I first photographed Camille with her sister back when they were little at their home here in Denver. I had to dig up one of those old photos to share both because it’s fun to see how much she’s grown, but also because I’ve grown a lot with my photography since then too!

Camille is quite an artistic person herself and even lettered in theater at her high school.  She also told me about a really neat project she worked on where she applied for a grant to stencil haiku poetry all along Colfax between the Bluebird and East High School.  I am so impressed with her because I know it’s not easy to deal with the bureaucracy that comes with putting together public projects like that.  I am looking forward to heading over there and taking a walk to see it in person soon!  If you’d like to find out more about that project, please head over to the Bluebird Haiku Website.

Being an art lover, it made sense for us to do part of the session in the Five Points part of town in an area now known as “Rino Arts District” where there is a large cluster of cool mural art found throughout the old warehouse buildings and alleyways. We finished up over on her side of town at City Park to get some nice nature and greenery too.  I am so excited that I was even able to somehow get the moon in one of her photos!  Check out this small handful of some of my favorites from her session below!

(If you know who one of the artists are, please comment to let me know.  I spent a lot of time trying to find the ones I missed and couldn’t find them online.  I’d love to credit their work!)

Old photo of two young sisters in the backyard of their home in Denver
Here she is with her sister back in the day!
Bright and Colorful Senior Photo in front of Mural Art in Five Points area of Denver
Stunning mural art with purple blue and orange colors with moths for a high school senior girl portrait
High school senior girl portrait in front of cartoonish animal head mural art by Kaitlin Zeismer in Five Points Neighborhood of Denver
Camille is standing in front of Kaitlin Zeismer’s Art!
Beautiful high school senior girl with bright magenta colored hair with green tree leaves backdrop at City Park in Denver
Beautiful high school girl with short bright red hair is photographed at dusk with a full moon backdrop at City Park in Denver Colorado
Senior girl laughs at her senior yearbook session in the rose garden at City Park in Denver Colorado
Gorgeous Orange Sunset at City Park for a Senior Portrait Session in Denver

If you are looking to get your own senior photos created, check out the SENIORS page of my site and get in touch!


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