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Denver At Home Family Photos

October 28, 2019

Denver At Home Family Photos Outdoors in the Backyard

These Denver at home family photos feature my sister-in-law, Jenny’s beautiful family.  I love that I get to photograph them every year and this year we decided to do something we did awhile back before their youngest, Cici, was born.  And that was photographing their yearly family photos for the holiday card at home. Colorado has a plethora of beautiful places to go to for family photos, but it’s nice to do them at home as well.  It’s a place of comfort where a family spends so much time together that it’s automatically a meaningful place in the photos. This year, they have a new forever home that they had custom designed for them from the top down and it’s absolutely gorgeous.  About an hour before sunset we met up at their new house and created these beautiful family portraits for them. I love that these photos get to be some of their first memories captured at their new place. As the kids grow, this home will be the site of many fun family times together playing and laughing.  I’m glad they’ll get to look at these when the kids are older and see how little they were when they first moved in!

Denver Family Photos at the New Family Home

One nice thing about doing family photos at home is that you don’t have to fight the terrible Denver traffic so it can be quite convenient.  And certainly no one else will have family photos that look quite like yours since everyone’s space is so different. I think being surrounded by your familiar spaces immediately brings a sense of joy and contentment.  Children and adults alike may also feel more free and comfortable to be themselves when they are in a recognizable and ordinary place. Who doesn’t love when their family photos feel natural and show each family members true personality?  That’s exactly what I was going for when I took each of my nephews and their little sister off on their own to capture their individual portrait by themselves. I was definitely hoping to catch one of their real smiles or expressions which is so hard to do when they’re trained to grin and say cheese when a camera is put in front of them.  I think it helped that they are so clearly excited about moving into their new home. As I photographed their family I definitely got a sense of the adventure that comes when you are a kid moving into a new place and getting to know it. I selected a small handful of my favorites to share below.  

Jenny & Charlie,

Congrats on the new home.  It’s amazing and I know you are all have a lot of great family moments coming your way there! 

Love April

Family with young kids wearing pink pose for portrait in front of their home in Denver
Family wearing pink pose for a portrait in front of their home in Denver Colorado
Cute family of 5 wearing pink and white pose for portraits in the backyard at their home in Denver
Young boy wearing blue glasses and pink dress shirt poses for an individual picture at his family's at home session in Denver
A young Denver boy poses for his own individual photo during family photography session in Denver
Cute little girl wearing pink poses for a picture by herself during family pictures at home in Denver
Two young brothers pose for a portrait together in the white gazebo in their backyard at home in Denver
A pretty mama and her young daughter pose for a sweet picture together in their backyard in Denver Colorado
Adorable family portrait walking in front of their Denver home in Colorado
My favorite!

Click HERE and HERE to see more examples of family photos done at home in Denver.  To find more information about booking your own at home family photo session head over to the FAMILIES section of my site.


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