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Denver Baby Shower Photography

March 14, 2023

Table of Contents

Denver Baby Shower Photographer

If you’re wondering about whether to hire a photographer to help you with your Denver baby shower photography, you’ve found the right place. I recently hosted both of my younger sister’s baby showers here in the Denver area and now that I’ve made it through the party planning process and baby shower hosting I’m excited to share some of the baby shower photos and talk a little bit about what the hosting experience was like.

Both of my sisters have had some painful infertility experiences and have been wanting to become moms for a very long time. So this past year, when they both told the family the news that they were pregnant and due to have their first babies just a couple weeks apart, I was absolutely elated for them and immediately knew I wanted to host a baby shower for them. What’s extra cool is that they are also both due right around each other’s birthdays and I think it would be fun if they shared birthdays with the new babies of the family!

Types of Baby Showers and Baby Shower Traditions

I’m so glad that times are changing and people are able to host the baby shower and the party that will make them happy and that they want to have instead of sticking with the same old traditions. There are all kinds of “rules” I read about like family shouldn’t be the ones hosting a baby shower since it involves asking for gifts. But, baby showers can be pretty pricey to host and it’s something I really wanted to do for my sisters so we went ahead and ignored that tradition and chose not to burden their friends with the entire cost of hosting their showers. I co-hosted my sister Gabby’s shower with her in laws and a close family friend helped me out with Danielle’s. (Thank you, Jenny, Stephanie, Elizabeth, Shannon, and Julie if you’re reading this!)

Traditionally baby showers have been mostly females only, but many couples are now sharing the joy with everyone in their close circle of friends and doing co-ed baby showers. And some baby showers don’t even happen until after the baby has arrived in a get together commonly known as a “Sip & See” allowing everyone to meet the new little one.

Denver Baby Shower Venues

We were lucky enough to have the space available to host the baby showers at our homes, but I definitely considered just renting a larger venue to host the shower. At first, when I thought that we might do a co-baby shower for both of my sisters together (that was scrapped pretty quickly after they made it known they wanted their own separate showers) I started researching some awesome places to host. Obviously, I didn’t end up using these places, but wanted to share them here for those who may have stumbled across this article trying to find a great place to host a baby shower. Below I have some photos of the venues and hope to add more Denver baby shower photography from these venues as they happen to show some real life baby shower parties at these spaces.

Denver Botanic Gardens Baby Showers

Denver Botanic Gardens
1007 York Street
Denver, CO 80205

Denver Botanic Gardens is one of my absolute favorite places in Denver. I actually buy a photo permit there every year because I love it so much and want to convince all of my clients they should take their photos there! But, I have also actually been to Denver Botanic Gardens for a baby shower for an awesome friend of mine that I met while playing roller derby. The gardens have a ton of different areas that you can rent to host a baby shower, but there are two that come to mind as particularly well suited for baby showers. The first is the adorable vintage green solarium in the Woodland Mosaic Gardens.  The second is the Orangery which is where my friend had her baby shower. A huge plus for hosting at Denver Botanic Gardens is that it’s already gorgeous there so you won’t have to spend as much time as you might otherwise on the decor. It’s absolutely stunning and it’s for sure my favorite option for Denver baby shower photos. I could go on and on about this place, and I actually already have ON THIS LINK so if you want to learn more about that location and see more photos, take a look after you’re done reading this article.

Cake Crumbs Bakery Baby Showers

Cake Crumbs Bakery
2216 Kearney Street
Denver, CO 80207

This is the cake shop that I’ve been going to when I want something a little extra special. They make beautiful cakes and their cafe is also a really cute space that they rent out for small parties like baby showers. It’s also a little easier on the pocket book than some other venues I researched.

Babe’s Tea Room Baby Shower

Babe’s Tea Room
2401 15th Street
Denver, CO 80202

If you’re after something a little more stylish, I really loved the idea of hosting a shower at Babe’s Tea Room. I reached out to them to find more information about hosting a baby shower there before I realized we were going to do two separate showers and they told me they do host private events. The pricing for 2023 is that they require a food & beverage minimum spend of $1,200 for a 2-hour party, or $1,800 for a 3-hour party. But please reach out to them directly as their pricing may have changed since I last spoke with them. This would be an awesome spot for someone who wants to host, but doesn’t want to have to do a ton of decorating or figuring out food/drinks. They can do it for you! Plus their floral front doors would make a beautiful place for some photos with friends and family. They have room for up to 35 people there.

Realm Studio Great Place for a Baby Shower in Denver
This is a photo I took at Realm but not from a baby shower. I wanted to give an idea of the pretty light that’s there!

Baby Showers at Realm Studio

Realm Studio
3851 Steele Street
Denver, CO 80205

Realm Studio is actually on my radar as an excellent space to rent for photoshoots so that means the light there is absolutely gorgeous. But, they also rent it out for small events like baby showers. It’s a decent sized space and can host up to 50 people (or up to 100 if you rent the full space). It’s pretty much a blank slate so you can really create the baby shower look you want in a space where it will look beautifully lit. It’s $300 per hour to rent this space and it sounds like they typically do 4 hour bookings for baby showers with one hour for set up, 2 hours for the party and 1 hour to return the space to normal.

Upstairs Circus Baby Showers

Upstairs Circus Downtown Location
1500 Wynkoop #100
Denver, CO 80202

Upstairs Circus DTC Location
5370 Greenwood Plaza Blvd. #106
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Many baby showers incorporate some sort of creative project like decorating diapers or onesies for the new baby so it makes sense to me that a place like Upstairs Circus would offer to rent out their space for baby shower parties. I love to have “stitch n bitches” with my friends and this place feels like a great way to keep a casual, fun baby shower party with friends and family where you focus on creating together while celebrating with the mom to be.This is a really great option for the ladies out there who might be more interested in just spending time with their loved ones and may not want to have all eyes on them while opening presents.

Lumber Baron Inn Baby Showers

Lumber Baron Inn
2555 W. 37th Ave
Denver, CO 80211

In Northwest Denver sits this beautiful old Victorian Home called the Lumber Baron Inn. This is actually where I photographed one of my first weddings ever for a friend way back in the day! I have loved it ever since and even considered it for my own wedding though it was too small for me to host it there. But, it’s a really beautiful place to host a baby shower especially if you love a vintage vibe. They have a really lovely outdoor patio garden space too if you’re hosting during the warmer months. Please check out the following link to see more photos of a real baby shower at Lumber Baron Inn.
Woodland Creatures with a New Orleans Twist Baby Shower at Lumber Baron Inn

Das Meyer Woodland Creatures Pastel Baby Shower Cakes at Lumber Baron Inn in Denver, CO

Should you hire a photographer for your baby shower?

Obviously, as a photographer myself, I am very biased and say that yes, it is so worth it to hire someone to photograph your Denver baby shower photos for you. But hear me out because I think I have valid reasons for why this makes sense to do if it’s in your budget. A baby shower is a very sweet party that’s usually full of a pregnant woman’s truly nearest and dearest family and friends. Many of them may have traveled some distance to be there in support of such a big life change for the mama to be. While there is always a place for fun selfies and snapshots, it’s pretty nice to have someone who can quickly pose you so that you’re looking your best while also knowing how to get those sneaky candids of everyone laughing together.

When I hosted my sisters’ showers, I had a difficult time getting to fully enjoy the parties between playing hostess, making sure we kept the events moving and on track with games/prizes/diaper raffle drawings, as well as helping keep track of presents for thank yous. And to top it all off I was also trying to capture some fun photos between all of that. Because I am behind the camera, I am only in a couple of the posed photos too which means when we look back on the photos we did get, I will barely be represented as a part of the party and this special day. I am not in any candid photos at all. This is something I’ve grown used to as a photographer, but I don’t wish it on others and think you’re worth being represented as a part of the festivities for the baby shower that you helped your loved one have. You also likely spent a good amount of time and energy creating a baby shower to show how much you love the mom to be and I think that both of you will love having really awesome photos to help remember it all as her baby grows up!

Real Denver Baby Shower Photos

Below are some past baby showers that I’ve photographed to give you an idea of the types of photos we can create at a baby shower party in Denver.

Blue & Pink Baby Shower Photography at a Private Home in Littleton

My sister Gabby decided she wanted to be surprised by her baby’s gender so we did a blue and pink floral themed baby shower for her at her sister in law’s home in Littleton, CO.

Purple & Pink Floral Baby Shower at a Private Home in Denver

My other sister, Danielle is due two weeks after Gabby and she knows she’s having a girl. I had her pick out a color scheme and theme that she liked and she opted for this pretty purple and pink floral theme for her baby shower that we hosted at my home here in Denver. Below are a small selection of the Denver baby shower photography that I created for her.

Denver Baby Shower Photography Pricing

I have one simple flat rate baby shower photography package to make life simple and easy for you. It’s $1,750 for 2 hours of baby shower coverage within the Denver metro area and you’ll receive the photos on a USB drive with a print release so that you can make your own prints, albums, share online and more after the shower. Additional hours can be added and I do cover other areas for an additional fee. Please reach out to me by email to find out more information! april@apriloharephotography.com


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