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Denver Bridal Photography | Cheesman Park

March 31, 2014

Denver Bridal Photos at Cheesman Park

I have some gorgeous Denver bridal photos to share from a pretty winter bridal portrait session at Cheesman Park. I’ve been wanting to share this Denver bridal session since the day we did them, but we couldn’t risk this bride’s groom accidentally seeing these before the wedding. Now that they’re married, I can happily set this session to “live” and share them with the world! It’s not too often that I get the chance to photograph Denver bridal photos since they don’t seem to be as popular here in Colorado as they are in other parts of America, like down in the South. So I always get really excited when I have the chance to photograph a bride wearing her wedding dress prior to her wedding day like this. It’s such an excellent way for her to get in a little more time wearing her wedding dress (what bride doesn’t want to wear it for more than just one day?!) and it can be a pretty useful dress rehearsal too. She can see how she looked in the photos and make last minute changes to her styling or do some dress alterations if they’re needed. We also just don’t have unlimited time to capture portraits on a wedding day so it’s pretty great to get to slow down and really create some fun bride photos when we have plenty of time at the best time of day too.

For this bridal photo shoot we used the white pavilion at Cheesman park since I think the classic white pillars look stunning for bridal portraits. It also has a very nice view of the mountains and the grounds are generally pretty clean so that the dress doesn’t get too dirty before the wedding day. I think she looks stunning!

Dramatic Denver bridal photos in the large white pavilion at Cheesman Park


Gorgeous Denver Bridal Photos with Mountain Views at Cheesman Park
Beautiful white backdrop of Cheesman park for Denver Bridal Photos

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  1. Leslie says:

    Gorgeous! That second one just takes my breath away. Beautiful bride, and perfect location!

  2. Amber Aileen says:

    These are really lovely. The location is perfect for a bridal session!

  3. Jeni says:

    These are really beautiful! She looks so happy in them! Great location and I love her dress!

  4. She’s gorgeous and that last one is perfect! You always frame and compose your shots just perfectly.