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Denver Lifestyle Family Photography At Vintage Home on a Winter Day in Colorado

January 19, 2019

I have the cutest Denver Lifestyle family photography session to share on the journal today. Every once in awhile I get asked if I have my own studio to use for photography and the answer to that is no. 90+ percent of the time my clients want to photograph in the beautiful outdoor environs of Colorado so I don’t find that it makes sense for me to maintain a regular studio space. However, there are a couple of sessions every year, mostly during winter, when photographing outdoors is just not an option. Luckily, here in Denver, there are lots of different options for renting indoor spaces to use when we’re working with little ones who we know are not going to be happy freezing outside during family photos. One of the more interesting options is a company called Home Studio List which brings photographers together with homeowners who have impeccably designed homes available to use for photography sessions. These spaced are perfect for doing Denver lifestyle family photography shoots since they are done at real homes.

Today on the blog, I get to share one such session that I did last week with this cute family. Their son, Clyde, was due for some one year photos and they wanted to get pictures taken as a family. We originally planned to do these back in early November at a pretty mountain setting, but poor little Clyde got sick so we decided to postpone for when he was feeling better. But, by the time we were ready to do them again it was already getting pretty cold outside for someone his age and with the weather being unpredictable, we started talking about some indoor options we might be able to use. I sent Clyde’s mom, Kelly, some of the home studio listings and I’m happy to report that we both had the same favorite places picked out. Luckily for us, our first choice was available and we went ahead and scheduled an hour at this beautiful vintage home.

This ended up being such a simple, easy, option to get some indoor pictures taken for this family. They didn’t have to worry about getting their own home picture-perfect and it was not as bland as the typical all white studio would be. I loved all of the natural light and the pretty vintage furnishings. And Clyde has the cutest little toothy grin doesn’t he? Check out my favorite photos from the session below!


Denver At Home Lifestyle Vintage House Family Photos

Cute at home lifestyle Denver family photos

Adorable one year old boy lifestyle Denver family photos

Adorable baby boy lifestyle family photos in Denver

Vintage style family photography in Denver CO

Baby boy smiling on a vintage bed in Littleton CO

Classic family photo in front of the fireplace in Denver

Vintage style family photography in Colorado

A sweet happy smiling baby in Denver CO

Mama kisses her baby son at home in Denver

Colorado lifestyle family photography at home

Denver CO Lifestyle Family Photography in Vintage Home


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