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Downtown Denver Senior Photos

January 28, 2020

Downtown Denver Senior Photos at Union Station

I have the coolest Downtown Denver senior photos to share on the journal today.  The really fun thing about this session is that it is for an old derby buddy of mine whose oldest daughter is going to graduate this spring.  I did her mom’s headshots quite a few years ago now and she’s been following along on my photography journey since then just waiting for the day when it would be time for senior photos for her firstborn.  That day finally came and I am so in love with what we came up with!

Fashionable Senior Photos in Denver

A huge reason why these turned out so awesome is because her daughter, Rowan, is incredibly stylish.  She’s really good at thrifting which is a skill that I wish I had, but I admit that I don’t think I have the patience for it.  Still, I always see photos of their thrifting adventures online and am always impressed at their finds. Rowan brought 3 super cool outfits for her session.  For these Downtown Denver senior photos, I knew we’d be starting off over by the Oxford Hotel to get some cool pictures with Union Station in the backdrop. I told her to wear her favorite outfit first so we could get it with Union Station and other street scenes and I LOVE that first outfit.  Maybe it’s the black and white stripes on her long sleeved sweater, but her whole first look seems so Parisian to me. And I may be showing my age a little, but I think she’s channeling fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw a little with that awesome bright yellow full skirt! She definitely had some nice compliments from strangers as we took her photos.  This is probably one of my most fashionable senior photo sessions ever. And what would you know, in the alleyway near Union Station there is some beautiful street art with bumblebees that went perfectly with her attire.  

Larimer Square Senior Photography

We made sure to use some other scenery along the way, but our end goal was to finish up the session over at Larimer Square so that we could use the gorgeous string lights as part of the backdrops.  Over by the Cherry Creek bike path next to Larimer Square is one of my favorite wall murals in all of Denver which is the pretty blue City of the Sun piece commissioned by the city of Denver and created by Gemma Danielle.  We definitely walked out of our way to go get a couple portraits with that piece before ending the evening at Larimer Square. I am so happy that she chose Larimer Square for one of her downtown Denver senior photography locations because it’s one of my absolute favorite spots in the whole city.  The way the lights look with the historic buildings that thankfully Denver has chosen to protect is so beautiful to me. And I think it’s particularly lovely right after the sun sets and the whole sky turns that beautiful deep dark blue at dusk. The golden lights of Larimer Square look magical then.  Check out my favorites below!

Cool downtown Denver senior photos of a girl in a pretty yellow skirt near Oxford Hotel
Fashion senior photos created in downtown Denver at Union Station
Cute candid senior photo of a girl in downtown Denver with a pretty floral butterfly mural backdrop
Downtown Denver Senior Photos with Street Art Wall Mural Near Union Station
Denver Senior Portrait with Union Station backdrop in Denver CO
Urban senior portrait in downtown Denver Colorado
Cute pose for a senior girl in downtown Denver Colorado
Pretty Colorful Door Backdrop at a  Denver Senior yearbook Session
Stylish senior photo in downtown Denver Colorado
Denver senior photo with Gemma Danielle's City of the Sun blue mural on Cherry Creek Bike Path
Senior photo with the City of the Sun mural by Gemma Danielle
Full length senior portrait in an urban setting at Larimer Square in Denver
Happy senior portrait of a girl wearing rainbow striped shirt with red suspenders in Denver CO
Larimer square at night string light senior portrait
Larimer Square downtown Denver senior Photographer in Colorado

Interested in getting your own Downtown Denver senior pictures created?  Be sure to check out the SENIORS section of my website and get in touch!


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  1. dan ward says:

    So good April!!! Love the colours and love the lighting 🙂

  2. April O'Hare says:

    Thank you, Dan! I hope all is well out in Cornwall:) I need to go check in on your blog and see what you’ve been up to!