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Evergreen Senior Photography at Beaver Brook Trail in Colorado

August 16, 2019

Evergreen Senior Photography at Squaw Pass Road Aspen Meadow

I have a pretty neat Evergreen Senior Photography session to share on the journal today.  I say that because Sarah may possibly be one of my very first “clients” so to speak. Client in this case, meaning someone I photographed for my business who was not already a friend or family member.  Way back in the winter months of 2006, I was hustling to get my farily new photography business off the ground and get the word out that I was the new Denver photographer on the block. I remember I drove all over the Denver metro on roads that were still in recovery mode from a recent blizzard to drop off promotional posters for my business at various daycare centers.  One of those daycare centers allowed me to come back and do some photography and I printed the photos of those kids and displayed them on a scrapbook page for the parents to keep. Turns out that one of those parents still has their photos from long ago with Sarah showing off some hilarious expressions. They brought it to her senior yearbook session so I could see my work from the very beginning of my career.  If I’m being honest, I was a little scared to see what they showed me because I think I’ve improved a lot since then. But, it was actually pretty cool to see my work from so long ago compared to what I do now. Plus, she was such a cute kid and clearly so full of personality. I photographed her again all these years later because she’s a high school senior now and I say she’s still full of personality and a joy to photograph!

Here’s the evidence of some of my first “client” work!

Colorado Senior Portraits at a Mountain Meadow on Squaw Pass Road

If you’ve been following my journal a lot this summer you’ll see that I clearly have a favorite location these days.  I’ve been taking everyone to the Beaver Brook Watershed trailhead on Squaw Pass Road because it’s just so gorgeous there!  There were still some wildflowers going strong at Sarah’s senior photo session and obviously, the pretty aspen tree groves are always great for photography backdrops.  I’ve been rescheduling a higher number of sessions than is normal for me this summer due to rainy evenings, but this time it seemed that we were going to be fine despite a little bit of moisture predicted for earlier in the evening.  However, at the meeting time I suggested, the rain still hadn’t let up so we ended up having to wait it out a little bit. We were very close to giving up, but decided to at least try to get a handful of photos before calling it and rescheduling.  And I’m really glad we did because the rain eventually stopped and we got plenty of beautiful pictures for Sarah by the time sunset came. It was a little bit chilly that evening due to all of the rain we just got, but I love that she toughed it out for the grand finale with the layered mountain backdrop just up the road.  We were just about out of light at that point, but ended up getting some photos for her with the pretty orange sunset that night.

Evergreen Senior Photography with ranch fence and mountain backdrop in Colorado
Evergreen Senior Photography in a mountain meadow with a wood tipi in the backdrop
B&W Mountain Senior Photography in Evergreen Colorado
Pretty senior photography with aspen tree grove in Evergreen Colorado
Evergreen Senior Photography with aspen tree forest in the mountains of Colorado
Cute Evergreen Senior Photography in an aspen tree forest in Colorado
Evergreen Senior Photography in a mountain meadow with wildflowers
Pretty sunset mountain senior photography on Squaw Pass Road
Evergreen Senior Photography with Sunset Mountain Backdrop in Colorado

To see another Evergreen senior photography session from the Beaver Brook Watershed Trailhead on Squaw Pass Road please see THIS LINK

For more information about booking an Evergreen Senior Photography Session with me, please head to the SENIORS section of my website where you can find FAQs, pricing, and contact information.


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