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Littleton Extended Family Photos at Hudson Gardens Colorado

August 21, 2019

Hudson Gardens Littleton Extended Family Photos Celebrating 40 Year Wedding Anniversary

Today I’m sharing one of the largest Littleton extended family photos I’ve done in my career so far.  The family featured on the journal today reminds me a lot of my own family. My dad was the oldest of 7 and I am the oldest of 7 so we had a ton of cousins and aunts and uncles when I was growing up.  The family I photographed earlier this month got in touch with me because Grandma and Grandpa are celebrating 40 years of marriage and they wanted to get some extended family photos created as part of their celebration plans.  They remind me of my family because this family has 6 kids who are all grown up and are starting their own families and two of those families also have 6 kids! Last summer I photographed a family with 8 kids under the age of 6 but I think this family may have them beat for sheer number of little kids to wrangle all in one photo.  It wasn’t easy, but I feel really good about our results!

Littleton Large Family Portraits in a Garden Setting at Colorado’s Hudson Gardens

Hudson Gardens ended up being the perfect location to capture this family together.  I had us start a little earlier than I normally like to because there were a lot of family combinations to work with and I wanted to make sure we didn’t run out of time.  That meant that we had to start photographing while the sun was still out and pretty bright. Hudson Gardens had a really great shady garden area with lovely bright flowers that we could work with while we waited a little bit for the sun to start going down and get a little easier to work with.  One family wore hot pink which matched the flower beds perfectly. And others wore shades of blue and yellow which looked awesome with the flower bed with lots of yellow flowers growing in it. It worked well since we didn’t have to walk long distances and waste time to get some good variety for their pictures.  I have a lot of favorites from this one, but I can’t share them all so I tried very hard to narrow them down as best I could. Below are just a tiny fraction of my personal favorites.

A huge Littleton extended family photo created at Hudson Gardens in Colorado
A couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary pose for pictures at their Littleton Extended Family Photo Session in Colorado
A cute family wearing pink pose for a portrait with their German Shepherd dog at Hudson Gardens in Littleton Colorado
Cute family wearing purple and lilac pose for pictures at their Littleton Extended Family Photo session at Hudson Gardens
Beautiful Family Portrait in Littleton Colorado at Hudson Gardens
Two sisters pose for a portrait in a pink and red flower garden at Hudson Gardens in Littleton
Adorable biracial family with smiling baby boy at their Littleton Extended Family Photo Session in Colorado
Sweet Baby Family Photos in Littleton Colorado at Hudson Gardens
Couple looks at each other adoringly at their Littleton Extended Family Photos in Colorado
Family of 8 pose for a nice family portrait together in Littleton Colorado
6 siblings pose for a portrait at their Littleton Extended Family Photos at Hudson Gardens
Sweet photo of a baby boy with his parents at a Littleton Extended Family Photo Session at Hudson Gardens
6 siblings pose for a sibling portrait in the gardens at Hudson Gardens in Littleton, Colorado
Littleton Colorado Extended Family Photos with large family with 6 children
Couple portrait at Sunset with Purple Sky at an extended family photo session in Littleton
Couple celebrates their 40th wedding anniversary with updated extended family photos created at Hudson Gardens in Littleton Colorado

If you are interested in seeing HUDSON GARDENS yourself, please check out their website for more information!

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For more information about booking your own Littleton Extended Family Photos please visit the FAMILIES area of my website.


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