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Fall Color City Park Senior Portraits in Denver Colorado

October 17, 2020

Senior Session in Five Points Mural Art Rino Area and City Park

Just a couple of years ago, I first photographed this family’s oldest son’s senior photos in Boulder.  But, today I get to share his younger brother, Kolby’s senior session that we photographed in the Rino/Five Points area and then finished up at City Park.  We started off in Rino and walked so far looking around at the street art that I realized when I got home that I was starting to get a blister (oops!) We managed to get a couple of the murals that Kolby had scoped out prior to the session as well as a few that I was drawn to and he was kind enough to pose in front of for me. And then we made our way over to City Park to finish off the evening with some greenery, fall color, and more nature looking pictures.

Unfortunately, the Cameron Peak fire which started over TWO MONTHS ago and is now the largest wildfire in Colorado history, took a turn for the worse this week and is sending huge smoke clouds over the front range.  I was telling this family that normally I have had to reschedule at least a few times at this time of year for cold weather or rain/snow by now and this year I’ve only rescheduled one time and it was for nasty wind.  So, despite it being nice for my schedule, I’m really sending out positive rain or precipitation vibes because we desperately need it.  I mention this because the smoke hanging over the sky at City Park looked really intense and it made yellow fall color trees look orange in the photos!  And there’s one photo at the end showing just the edges of the smoke tendrils at the end of the session.  Check out some of my favorites from Kolby’s session below!

Senior boy wearing a gray sweater poses in front of a gray brick wall with orange and black geometric mural by Sandra Fettingis in Denver CO
High school senior boy wearing a gray sweater, jeans, and a watch poses in front of a brightly colored frog and cactus mural in Five Points Denver CO
High School Senior Boy poses with a cool ombre wall by Queen Fathima in Denver CO
High school senior boy portrait at City Park in Denver Colorado
High school senior boy gets a photo with his mom in the fall color at City Park in Denver CO
A senior boy wearing a burnt orange red sweater matches the fall color of a tree behind him on a smoky evening at City Park in Denver Colorado
A high school senior boy with his big brother at sunset on a smoky night at City Park in Denver

If you are a senior interested in getting your own senior photos created, be sure to take a look at the SENIORS page of my site and get in touch!  


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