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Family Photos with Mountain Lake Backdrop at C Lazy U Ranch

December 2, 2021

C Lazy U Ranch Family Portraits During Winter

I have the most beautiful sunset family photos to share on the journal today. I drove up to Granby to meet this extended family on their vacation at the C Lazy U Ranch.  They were meeting up there from all over the country to spend some quality time together after having been there over 20 years ago. Now they have grandkids that they can share the experience of the ranch with and one of their daughters thought it would be fun to get some family pictures while they were all together. We got pretty lucky with the weather that evening with very little wind and decent temps too. We timed it so well and caughter to gorgeous purple and pink sunset with the Willow Creek Reservoir and some of the mountains of the continental divide off in the distance behind them as well. Below are some of my personal favorites from their session.

Extended family photo with aspen tree backdrop during November in Colorado
Couple wearing winter jackets pose in front of a mountain backdrop with a lake at C Lazy U Ranch in Colorado
Adult daughter poses for a photo with her parents at the C Lazy U Ranch in Colorado
Grandparents pose with their grandkids in front of a pretty sunset mountain backdrop at C Lazy U Ranch
Family of 5 stand in front of a pretty sunset mountain backdrop in Granby Colorado
Teenage girl in pink sweather poses in front of pretty sunset mountain backdrop at C Lazy U Ranch in Colorado
Girl standing in front of a pretty mountain backdrop at Sunset at C Lazy U Ranch in Colorado
Teen girl wearing a fur lined coat with hood up in front of a pink mountain sunset at C Lazy U Ranch
Woman wearing a western style hat and gray cardigan stands in front of a beautiful pink and purple sunset at C Lazy U Ranch in Colorado
Family pose together at the C Lazy U Ranch in Granby Colorado

If you’re looking to get your own family photos while on vacation here in Colorado, be sure to take a look at the FAMILIES page of my website and get in touch.  I’d love to help!


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