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Lifestyle Business Portraits with Denver Skyline

November 26, 2021

Business headshot portraits in Denver

I am super excited to share these gorgeous business portraits that I created with Cat a couple of weeks ago. She’s brand new to Denver so it was really fun getting to share a couple of my favorite locations I like to use once the fall color has passed and the outdoors start looking a little dead and brown and we haven’t been lucky with snowfall yet. She liked the look of some of my other photos I’ve done in the colorful street art-heavy area of North Denver in the neighborhood of Five Points (also rebranded as “River North Art District” or “Rino” for short, but I’m old-school and prefer the original name of what it was called when I lived there). So we started off over there at the Crema Coffee House with it’s beautiful indoor bird mural and then wandered around the alleyways for a little while. We timed it so that we’d have time to head a little bit south to my favorite “secret” spot with the Denver skyline views. This is a very unassuming location, but at the right time of day, it’s a gorgeous place to catch a lovely dusk portrait with the glowing lights of the city in the backdrop. I think Denver is known for being this super outdoorsy place and most people are looking for that in their photos. But, I personally am a city girl at heart and I always love to photograph more urban portraits. We’re lucky in Denver that we have a pretty great city with beautiful, great big outdoor space to explore in our backyard. It’s truly the best of both worlds in my opinion.

Coffee shop business headshot portraits at Crema Coffee Shop in Denver Colorado
Denver Headshot Portrait Photographer photographs in the alleyways in North Denver with a beautiful woman with purple hair
Gorgeous woman with a serious business look with purple hair in an alleyway in North Denver
Fun colorful alleyway headshot portraits with artwork in the backdrop by Casey Kawaguchi
Professional lifestyle business photography with City View in Denver Colorado
Cute sassy professional headshot portrait with glowing Denver skyline in the backdrop
Night headshot portrait with pretty glowing lights in the backdrop Denver Colorado
Gorgeous Denver skyline professional business portrait with fun flair for a woman with purple hair

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