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Family Portraits With Buffalo Mountain Backdrop Summit County

December 9, 2021

Summit County Colorado Family Portraits at Sapphire Point

The family featured on the journal today were the stars of one of my favorite winter photoshoots in recent memory. We thought we’d be photographing with snow again since it’s already well into December, but Colorado is famously dealing with drought-like conditions yet again (everyone, please go out and do a snow dance in hopes that we get a good amount tomorrow since it’s in the forecast!) We originally planned to photograph during the fall, but were forced to change plans due to circumstances outside of our control and went with another early December session. We assumed photographing up in Summit County would mean snow on the ground but it was dry as a bone with the only snow off in the distance on the mountain peaks. To be honest, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world since their youngest wasn’t in the mood for photos that evening so a cold blustery day might have made it even harder. But with the nice warm weather, we managed to get these cute pictures for them.

A family of four wearing cream sweater on the path at Sapphire Point in Colorado
Family of 4 wearing cream sweaters at Sapphire Point in Summit County Colorado
A young son and his dad wearing yellow boots and cream sweaters hold hands in front of the pretty Sapphire Point mountain view in Summit County Colorado
A mom holds her two sons with the mountain view backdrop at Sapphire Point in Colorado
A mom snuggles her son with his cute crazy hair in front of a pretty mountain view at Sapphire Point in Colorado
Pretty mountain backdrop for a couple at their family photography session at Sapphire Point in Summit County Colorado
A dad and his son look off in the distance with a pretty mountain backdrop in Summit County Colorado
A family of 4 wearing cream sweaters in Summit County with Buffalo Mountain backdrop in Colorado

If you’re thinking about scheduling your own family portraits, be sure to take a look at the FAMILIES page of my site and get in touch.  I’d love to help!


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