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Winter Family Photos in Colorado

December 17, 2019

Winter Wonderland Family Portraits on a Snowy Day Near Denver Colorado

This beautiful mama and I have been in talks about getting their winter family photos in Colorado created here in the Denver metro for the past few weeks.  Originally we planned to head higher up into the hills to find some beautiful mountain views for them, but each day that we planned ended up with some dreary weather obscuring the best views.  The goal was also to attempt to get these finished up before Christmas and since time was starting to run out on that goal we decided to forget about capturing the best mountain views in order to actually get their family photo session done.

Beaver Brook Watershed Trail Head For the Win!

This photo location is my ace in the hole even during winter when all of the fall color is long gone.  I wasn’t expecting mountain views due to the winter storm that was heading in, but we still managed to get a little bit of a mountain view on these.  Leading up to the day, I was a little nervous about the age of their boys for a winter photography session. I think parents see gorgeous snowy winter wonderland photos with families playing with each other in the snow online and don’t think about just how chilly it actually feels out there.  But, she reassured me that her boys are used to being out in the elements and so I trusted that she knew her boys well enough to know that they would be ok. And I am so glad that I did because they did so awesome at their outdoor winter family photo session! The hardest part was the timing being close to naptime so it took a little bit of time for their two year old to fully wake up after the drive up to Evergreen.  But once he did, we managed to get quite a few beautiful family portraits for them. I picked out some favorites from their beautiful winter session to share below.

A family wearing colorful winter gear pose for portraits in an aspen tree forest in Colorado
Family of four with two young sons walk along a winter wonderland path during a snowstorm in the mountains of Colorado
Sweet family wearing gray with a touch of yellow in aspen tree grove during winter in Colorado mountains
Cute candid family portrait in an aspen tree forest during winter in Colorado
Mom holds her baby up in the air during a winter family portrait session in Colorado mountains
A mom holding her smiling 6 month old baby both wearing gray with aspen tree backdrop in a mountain meadow during winter
Dad and son wearing gray and yellow pose for family photos during winter in a mountain forest in Colorado
Adorable family photo with two sons on a red sled in the mountains of Colorado during winter
Mom and Dad get their own alone photo at pretty snowy winter family session in Evergreen Colorado

Please click HERE to see another example of a winter family photography session at this same location.  To find out more about getting your own Winter Family Photos done in Colorado be sure to visit the FAMILIES area of my website!


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