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Fall Color Family Photography with Mountain Views in Grand Lake, Colorado

September 25, 2018

Grand Lake Family Photographer

I’m a Grand Lake family photographer, and I’m pretty excited to share these cute family pictures at Point Park on the journal today! With the drought this year, the fall color season has been a little odd. It’s not quite as uniform as it’s been in years past and the session I’m sharing on the journal today is an example of the interesting timing that I’ve been seeing for fall color. This family contacted me right before Labor Day weekend to see if could come out and photograph them while they were all spending time together before the holiday weekend was over. Luckily, I had that day available so I said sure and made the drive up to Grand Lake. I was a little surprised to find that there was already so much color happening so early in September. And not just little springs of yellow peeking through the green but bright orange color as if it were already peak season. So I just assumed the color was going to be early this year throughout the state. But, since then I’ve found that the timing of the changing of the leaves is dramatically different even in places that aren’t all that far from each other. Needless to say, it’s been a little difficult trying to chase the color for all of the families and seniors this autumn season. I’m curious to see what happens down here in the Denver area. Will it all change at once or will it be different pockets of the front range changing colors at wildly different rates?

Point Park Grand Lake Family Portraits with Mountain Views

At any rate, I was glad that we were able to not only get some beautiful mountain views over at Point Park, but we also drove into the neighborhood near there to find some pretty fall color at the end of their session as well. We weren’t able to schedule this session near sunset due to different travel schedules, but it turns out we had a little bit of a storm moving in that day anyway, which provided some nice cloud cover for us. I love what we were able to get for this family!


Extended Family Photos at Point Park in Grand Lake Colorado over Labor Day Weekend

Parents get a photo during family photography session at Point Park in Grand Lake Colorado

Beautiful Colorado Mountain Backdrop at Point Park in Grand Lake Colorado

Cute family with baby boy and mountain backdrop at Point Park in Grand Lake Colorado

Cousin photo at extended family photography portrait session at Point Park in Grand Lake Colorado

Cute little boy flirting with the camera at his family's Colorado photography session at Grand Lake

Young boy with his mama at their fall color family session in Grand Lake Colorado

Sweet little boy laughs during family photos during fall color season in Grand Lake

Mom and Dad with their little white dog during fall color at Grand Lake in Colorado

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