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Colorado Family Photographer during Autumn at McCabe Meadows in Parker

October 17, 2018

McCabe Meadows Family Photos

I have some gorgeous McCabe Meadows family photos to share on the journal today. Martha contacted me back in September to see if I could fit in a portrait photography session for her family. It’s been awhile since they last had family pictures created and she felt that it was time to get some updated ones. They live down in Parker so I sent some ideas for places we might go down in the more southern area of the Denver Metro. She ended up liking the way that McCabe Meadows looks so we scheduled our session for that location.

It’s been more than a few years since I photographed there and I honestly almost didn’t recognize it. The large metal bridge is still there of course, but the last time I went the river area was really sandy with not a lot of vegetation. Since then it has really filled in quite a bit with various plants and it looks like the city of Parker did some nice landscape design with some stonework in certain sections of the stream as well.

Parker Family Pictures at McCabe Meadows

It was fun walking around with this family. The fall color is acting really strange this year in the metro area due to the drought so we walked around seeing if we could find any little bit of color but didn’t have a lot of success. They have two funny grown sons who kept me laughing the whole time with their brotherly antics. And I was in love with the red berry tree growing there. I think maybe it was a Hawthorn tree of some sort but that’s from a quick google search to see if I could identify what it was so don’t quote me on that. Whatever it was, it looked so pretty with the golden sunshine soaking through the leaves behind them at the end of the session. We may not have found much fall color but we definitely found the perfect Christmas color scheme with that tree. Check out a selection of my favorite photos from their session below!


Bright and Sunny Colorado Fall Day for Family Photos at McCabe Meadows in Parker

Parents pose for a couples photo during family photos at McCabe Meadows

Headshot photo of a young man at McCabe Meadows during fall family photography session in Parker Colorado

Headshot photo of a young man at McCabe Meadows during fall family photography session in Parker Colorado

Bright harsh sunshine lights a family at their session at McCabe Meadows in Parker

Mom poses for her own photo at McCabe Meadows in Parker Colorado

Beautiful sunshine peeks through a hawthorne tree at a family photo session at McCabe Meadows

Pretty Fall Family Photos in Parker Colorado at McCabe Meadows

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