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Misty Mountain Family Photography on Squaw Pass Road

September 28, 2019

Colorado Misty Mountain Family Photography in Evergreen

We got so incredibly lucky on the evening that we photographed this misty mountain family photography session up in Evergreen.  I say that because I think I can maybe count on one hand the number of times I’ve had the opportunity to get a pretty mist in my photography backdrops here in Colorado.  That’s not to say that we don’t get misty conditions sometimes, but they seem to mostly be in the morning and not right before sunset when I’m almost always photographing families.  And who knows, perhaps the “mist” that showed up at the end of this family photo session is actually fog. Whichever it may be, I find it beautiful and think it really added to the atmosphere of these family photos.

Aspen Grove in a Pretty Meadow at Beaver Brook Watershed Trail Head

If you follow my blog, you may actually recognize this family.  We met up over the winter to capture some photos of them at Castlewood Canyon while their daughter was home for the holidays.  But, the day we scheduled our session it was only about 20 degrees out. We discussed possibly rescheduling due to the cold temperatures, but since it’s not often that all four of them are together now that their girls are growing up they decided to attempt to get the session done.  The photos ended up pretty, but you can tell they were pretty cold in them so we decided we’d try again during better weather conditions.  

The Beaver Brook Watershed Trailhead is my number one favorite location these days because it has so much to offer.  First and foremost, it has aspen trees for days. It also has a big pretty meadow with tall grasses, a nice rustic ranch fence, and a distant mountain backdrop too.  They brought their sweet doggie, Ogden who I think is a goldendoodle. He was loving his outdoor time with his humans. I love that they added that adorable little checkered bandana so he matched their clothing.  I also loved that their clothing matched Ogden’s coloring although they insisted that it wasn’t because of him. Below I picked out quite a few of my favorite pictures from their session.

A classic beautiful family portrait in an aspen tree grove near Denver Colorado
Family poses for a portrait together in front of wooden tipi structure in Evergreen Colorado
Cute photo of the ladies of the family with their dog in Evergreen Colorado
Family of 4 with a goldendoodle dog pose with Aspen trees at their family photoshoot in Colorado
Two sisters pose in an aspen tree forest with mountain backdrop in Evergreen Colorado
Mom and dad get a couples portrait on a pretty Colorado mountain path in Evergreen
A Colorado family of 4 walk their dog at their misty mountain family photography session in Evergreen
A quick headshot portrait of dad in a mountain meadow on Squaw Pass Road in Evergreen
Beautiful family photo at a misty mountain family photography session at Beaver Brook Watershed Trail Head in Evergreen CO
Evening headshot photo during a Misty Mountain Family Photography Session on Squaw Pass Road in Evergreen
Headshot Portrait at a Misty Mountain Family Photography Session in Evergreen Colorado
Sisters wearing cream and white pose on the side of the road at a Misty Mountain Family Photography Session in Evergreen

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