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Denver Bat Mitzvah Photographer at Temple Micah and Soiled Dove Underground in Lowry

November 10, 2018

Soiled Dove Bat Mitzvah Party

I have some super fun photos from a Soiled Dove bat mitzvah party photos to share with the world today. About a month ago I had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful family at their oldest daughter’s bat mitzvah celebration at Temple Micah. Her party that evening was held at the Soiled Dove Underground in the Lowry Neighborhood of Denver.

Temple Micah Bat Mitzvah Service in Denver

At Temple Micah, I was able to get some formal portraits for them with the torah as well as all of their extended family who came out to Denver to help Maya celebrate her bat mitzvah. We formed a literal line of family and managed to get a bunch of different groupings for them in the pretty garden courtyard in the center of the synagogue. We even got an impromptu photo of the entire family with a whopping 38 people in it which I have to say I’m quite proud of being able to get for them!

Music Club Atmosphere for a bat mitzvah at Soiled Dove Underground in Lowry

The party portion of the bat mitzvah was held later that evening at the Soiled Dove Underground which is a cool music venue on the east side of Denver in Lowry. It has a really cool dark interior with 3 different floor levels making it easy to see the stage from anywhere in the room. We timed it so that I arrived as dinner was finishing up so that I could catch the birthday candle ceremony where Maya invited various special family and friends to come up on stage to help her light all 13 of her birthday candles. And of course I stayed to catch the mitzvah games organized by their DJ and the dance floor shenanigans afterward. My favorite part of a Jewish celebration is when we get to do the horah chair dance and we got lots of fun photos of that at Maya’s bat mitzvah for sure. But I also have to say I love a good singalong too and enjoyed the photos I was able to get when the entire party stood in one huge circle on the dance floor and belted out Don’t Stop Believin’ As you’ll be able to tell from the photos, it was an excellent party!
Mazel tov, Maya!

Bat Mitzvah Girl with her Rabbi in Denver Colorado

Colorado Family Portraits at a Temple Micah Bat Mitzvah

Denver Bat Mizvah Photo of a family with the Torah

Full length family photo at Temple Micah in Denver CO

Laughing Family at Bat Mitzvah in Denver Colorado

Family photos at a bat mitzvah in Denver Colorado

38 person extended family portrait at a Bat Mitzvah in Denver CO

Bat Mitzvah Girl in a Red Dress at Temple Micah in Denver CO

Pretty Bat Mitzvah Girl Portrait in the Garden at Temple Micah in Denver CO

Candle lighting ceremony bat mitzvah celebration in Denver

Bat Mitzvah girl birthday cake candle lighting ceremony in Denver

Bat Mitzvah Birthday Girl Ceremony lighting candle

Parents with the bat mitzvah birthday girl in Denver CO

Bat Mitzvah Party Horah Dance at Soiled Dove Underground

Jewish party celebration chair dance horah at Soiled Dove Underground

Horah Chair Dance at the Soiled Dove Underground in Colorado

Girl dances at Bat mitzvah party at Soiled Dove Underground

Dancing at a Bat Mitzvah Party at Soiled Dove in Denver

Soiled Dove Underground Bat Mitzvah Party Photography in Denver

Dancing at a Bat Mitzvah party at the Soiled Dove Underground in Denver

Young break dancer at a Bat Mitzvah party in Lowry Denver CO

Singalong at a Bat Mitzvah in Denver CO

Group singalong at Bat Mitzvah party in Denver CO

To learn more about Temple Micah, please click HERE For more information about hosting events or parties at the Soiled Dove Underground, please click HERE.

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