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Stunning Fall Color Aspen Tree Family Photos in Evergreen CO

October 17, 2023

Fall Color Family Photos on Squaw Pass Road

I have a beautiful family photography session to share on the journal tonight. I first met this adorable family with 6 kids when we did their session back in 2019 in Estes Park. Back then we did their photos in June so it was beautiful green scenery with snow capped mountains and a few wildflowers just popping up. This year we did a new location for them with a lovely fall color look up at the Squaw Pass Road mountain meadow location. I’ve mentioned it in past posts, but this spot had a rough time with the trees not really turning that beautiful golden color so we were limited to finding the color mostly on the younger shorter trees that were sprouting up there. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a really beautiful, colorful sunset though so I think that pretty sky at te end helps make up for the lack of color this year. Below are some of my favorites that we created that evening.

Cute family photo with 6 kids pose together in the woods with aspen tree backdrop in Evergreen Colorado
Fall Color portrait for a young woman in the aspen leaves of Evergreen CO
Young man wearing a green plaid button down top sits on a fallen log in the woods of Evergreen Colorado during fall
Girl wearing a green dress and tan cardigan sits in the woods with fall color in the backdrop at Squaw Pass Road in Evergreen CO
Young man wearing a green sweater stands for a portrait in the woods of Evergreen Colorado
Beautiful fall color photo for a teenage girl wearing a green cardigan in Evergreen CO
Beautiful Family with 6 kids in the woods of Evergreen Colorado during autumn
Six kids pose for a photo together in the woods of Colorado during autumn
Gorgeous fall color family photo of a mom with her six children in Evergreen Colorado
Cute girl wearing a brown sweater at sunset with a mountain backdrop on Squaw Pass Road in Evergreen CO
Beautiful sunset photo with a mountain fall color backdrop on Squaw Pass Road for a mom with her 6 kids in Evergreen CO

If you’re looking to get your own family photoshoot, please take a look at the FAMILIES page of my website and reach out at the bottom of the page via email. I’d love to talk more with you about your photos!


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