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The prettiest engagement ring ever + the most badass trophy = A match made in heaven!

January 13, 2011

Yikes that is a long title;)  I’ve been pestered for months now to get a picture of my engagement ring up so those interested can see it.  But of course, being a pro photographer means I procrastinate on my own personal photo projects.  Sometimes something as simple as just getting a picture of my condo to my insurance guy will literally take me a month because I turn into a huge slacker when it’s a photo project for me.  Well, I didn’t want to just do a standard picture of my ring.  I wanted to get a shot of it on the coveted Hydra Trophy (http://wftda.com/hydra-trophy) which is enjoying it’s freezing cold resting place in our North Denver practice warehouse which doesn’t have heat.  We get to keep the Hydra for a year and in the meantime we get to pretty much do whatever we want with it.  So visiting skaters are making it a point to get their pic with the trophy and we are doing our best to keep it safe.  (See the picture below when Robo strapped her in for the journey to an interview at Mile High Sports Radio.)

Anyway, I was finally able to do my ring shot on the Hydra.  I don’t care how nerdy this makes me.  The ring and the trophy both remind me of the best day of my life so far:)  I do have to do a couple quick shout outs too.  #1 to Da Jewce’s lovely Mama, Rhonda,  for giving him one of her rings to turn into my absolutely beautiful custom made ring.  And #2 to Trice Jewelers (http://www.tricejewelers.com/) for creating this custom made ring in literally less than 2 weeks.  I’m not kidding.  The morning we flew to Chicago, Jewce had to have my sister go and pick it up from Trice at the very last minute so that it could make it’s way out to Chicago with us.  Without them working so hard to get it done in time for our trip I wouldn’t have been able to have such an awesome proposal! (Read about it here: http://www.apriloharephotography.com/?p=1766)

A lot of people have asked Jewce what he would have done if we hadn’t won that game.  Well duh, his answer was this “I would have proposed to Atomatrix instead.” 

Safety 1st! (Don’t mind the crappy cellphone quality!)
Safety 1st!  (Don't mind the crappy cellphone quality!)

They look pretty damn good together:)
They look pretty damn good together:)

Pretty! (And recycled! Thanks to Jewce’s mom for the big Diamonds!)
Pretty! (And recycled!  Thanks to Jewce's mom for the big Diamonds!)


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